Smart vehicle keys

Smart vehicle keys are already a reality with the keyless entry and start systems (PKES). These systems are particularly appealing to car owners due to their high convenience and ease of use. The presence of the key fob in the owner’s pocket or belongings enables the car to take intelligent actions, e.g., opening car doors when the owner is in its proximity, allowing the engine to start when the owner is inside, and locking the car when the owner is moving away.
All commercially available PKES systems are currently insecure. We note that a major technology innovation is needed to secure PKES systems while keeping their appealing level of convenience and comfort.

3db technology would finally make PKES fully secure, compliant with existing and future regulations. It drives innovation towards intelligent cars.

Smart and secure mobile payments

Mobile payment systems are becoming contactless using insecure proximity-based technologies such as near-field communication (NFC). NFC is already integrated in several mobile phones. A drawback of the NFC technology is that it does not provide strong security guarantees about the physical proximity between the user’s mobile phone and the payment terminal. This technology limitation currently restricts the operation of the payment systems to small purchase amounts.


3db’s technology provides strong proximity guarantees. It is also suitable for integration into state-of-art mobile phones.

Electronic keys for buildings

Smart electronic keys will eventually replace conventional metallic keys for corporate and residential buildings. Electronic keys with secure proximity-based access control provide new opportunities such as enhanced convenience and context-awareness. Smart electronic key functionality also has a high potential to be integrated in mobile phones.

3db’s technology fits the requirements for smart electronic keys, similar to car keys.


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